Deleted Interlude #4: Everything I Don’t Know About the Fae

This is a deleted interlude where John Charming talks about the Fae, the beings who cast the mass spell that is the Pax Arcana.

Revenge of the Interlude

Here’s everything I don’t know about the Fae. They may be an alliance of many different species, or they may be one species whose various tribes have evolved in different directions. Think how different humans look and sound from each other just from spending centuries in different lands. Would an alien looking at a Samoan and a pygmy think they were the same species?

Now imagine different tribes from the same species evolving in even more diverse environments – under mountains, in water, in forests, in deserts – for millions and millions of years. Some of them might evolve gills, some of them might be short and squat with dense muscles, some of them might have scaly skin and fangs, some of them might be thin and willowy and have toes that grip like hands, and so on. Some of them might grow smaller over the eons in order to use fewer resources, and some of them might grow larger in response to an environment that involved large predators and heavy labor.

So I’m not even going to try to make distinctions between elves and brownies and pixies and nixies and pooka and nymphs and sylphs and dryads and leprechauns and redcaps and silkies and spriggans and boggarts and so on. I’m not going to try to catalog all of the different names that the Fae have been called in different cultures at different times (okay, I’ll name a few by way of example: the Alfar, the Sidhe, the Tuatha de Danann, the Yosei, the Shining Folk, etc) or reconcile all the conflicting and confusing stories about their culture.

Some claim that the Fae are just another name for fallen angels, and some assert that they’re aliens. Some claim that the Fae are the Nephilim, or the bastard children of angel and human congress which may or may not be the same thing. Some have stated that the Fae are humans from the future who travelled back in time out of boredom eons after achieving immortality, and some argue that the Fae are from a parallel universe.

There are even those who believe that all of the different ancient species and races mentioned in various religions and histories and mythologies are all just different names, aspects, evolutionary branches, or illusionary guises for one elder species that likes to mess with our heads: the Fae.

I don’t know about any of that.


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