Deleted Interlude #8: It’s the Thought That Counts

This deleted interlude from Charming speculates on how some discoveries in physics sheds some light on magic.

The Interlude Goes to Hawaii

I don’t mess with magic. I don’t ever want to mess with magic. As far as I’m concerned, magic is a bucket full of unstable explosives covered with rusty nails that have been smeared with feces. And the bucket is sitting on a rotting plank suspended over a bottomless pit.

I’m not saying that all magic is evil. I am saying that magic messes around with primal forces that are better left unmessed. I don’t do drugs because I am deeply suspicious of anything that alters my brain chemistry – how I think and what I feel is the basis of who I am. I don’t mess with magic because it plays with forces that are connected to my soul, and that’s above my pay grade. I choose to believe that there is a God who knows what he or she or we or it or they is doing and isn’t going to let anything bad happen to my soul as long as I honestly try to do the best I can with what I’ve got.

The only reason I’ve learned anything about magic at all is so that I’ll be better at stopping anyone who abuses it.

To that end, this is what I’ve pieced together:

All physical reality is made up of three things: thought, sound, and light. Scientists have proven that at a base level all physical matter is made up of varying wave lengths of sound and light. As to thought, quantum physicists have proven that the very act of observing molecules changes the way they interact. What scientists haven’t proven is why.

Consider this: in the first chapter of Genesis, God says that there is light, then there is light, and God sees that it is good. First God imagines light, which is thought. Then God says that there is light, which is sound. Then God sees that there is light, which is light. Thought, sound, light. The basis of the time space continuum, all three reinforcing each other.

Think about it. Sound is the medium through which thought perceives time. When we speak, it is in a series of syllables proceeding one after another in chronological order. Light is the medium through which thought perceives space. The mind experiences physical reality through time and space, but the mind is not bound by them. Have you ever been in a car and suddenly known exactly what song is going to come on next? Have you ever had a feeling about someone who was close to you emotionally but far away from you physically, and when you contacted that person you discovered that your feeling was accurate? Have you ever literally felt someone staring at you? If you answered no to any of those questions, try this simple experiment. Close your eyes. Now hold your hand in front of your head and picture it there, in front of your closed eyes. You just made a picture inside your head that’s bigger than the inside of your head. How is that possible?

If that’s too much to process, think of it this way. Things look solid, but all matter is actually a moving current of ever flowing atoms and electrons. Seven years from now, every cell in your body will have been replaced by new ones. Reality is a liquid, not a solid. The only thing binding all of those atoms and molecules in a specific pattern is electromagnetic energy. Shift enough electrons around and you begin to change one element to another.

Our thoughts are basically electrical impulses. Maybe that’s why observing something affects the way its molecules interact. When you cut right down to the atomic structure, our thoughts are made of the same energy that binds the molecules that define and order our physical reality. If you really want to get trippy, that’s just one short step away from theorizing that our thoughts actually ARE what’s binding the molecules of our physical reality together.

That’s just one short step away from magic.


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