Top Ten Ways to Tell if You Are a Top Ten Addict!

I just finished writing the 7th blog for 7 different websites as part of the promotion tour for my third novel, Fearless (out in two days since I’m plugging away) and the first and last were top 10 lists. If you read Daring, you know that the beginning of my second novel is also a top 10 list of sorts. Since my mind works (well, “works” might be a charitable term, but I’m sticking to it) that way, I began to think about the number 10. The number is supposed to represent the height of attractiveness when rating potential loves, for example. A 1 and a 0 are the basis of the binary system that is the basis of this very blog, and that’s not even going into decimals or monetary denominations or the numbers of fingers and toes that we use to navigate our way through the universe. When I began to wonder if perhaps I should have written three more blogs, it occurred to me that perhaps I had a problem. That said, here are…


  1. Your idea of a religious retreat is lugging two stone tablets up a mountain top during a thunderstorm and waiting hopefully.
  2. Oh sure, you cut down to top nine or top eight lists for a little while, but after a few weeks you’re right back to where you started.
  3. You keep forgetting to buy heroin.
  4. You’re watching one of those action movies where the main character is trying to defuse a bomb. The timer hits ten seconds, and suddenly you’re rooting for the bomb…
  5. There’s a copy of 10 Things I Hate About You in your lower desk drawer.
  6. The first thing you do to try to quit is write down 10 things you’d rather do instead.
  7. Three words: Dave. Letterman. Lawsuit.
  8. Here’s the acid test: have several friends restrain you and force your hands onto a table. Have another friend rap one of your fingers sharply with a hammer. Then another. If you haven’t begged them to stop after three fingers, you need help. Also better friends.
  9. Try to stop yourself from reading sign number one. Go ahead. Try.

10, Check yourself in for therapy right now.


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