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Hello, my name is Elliott James (well, it’s a pen name) and I’m writing a series called the Pax Arcana. The protagonist of my series is one John Charming.  You know those guys in all the Prince Charming stories who are always slaying some monster or chasing some woman or getting turned into some creature, or wandering around forests maimed and confused after getting jacked up or cursed by some foul beastie?  Those are John Charming’s ancestors, and he has continued to uphold the proud – if not particularly bright – family tradition of messing with things that really shouldn’t be messed with to the extent that somewhere along the way he picked up a mild case of werewolf.
John lives in a world where magickind is protected from humankind by a glamour called the Pax Arcana, and humankind is protected from magickind by a secret order of modern day knights.  My protagonist was once one of these knights, but that was before John became one of the creatures that he used to hunt.  Now John Charming is forced to hide in the same shadows he used to stalk through, constantly staying on the move, changing his name, and living off the grid.
My short stories are fairly straightforward and go the Conan the Barbarian route, chronicling John Charming’s adventures as he travels through this dark magic-filled world, still compelled to right wrongs and protect innocents.  Sometimes this is against his better judgment, and sometimes John’s judgment isn’t all that good to begin with.  Those stories to date are Charmed I’m Sure, Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls, Pushing Luck, Surreal Estate, and Dog-Gone, and they all take place before the events of my novel, Charming.
In Charming, I introduce some game-changing events and characters that are going to have a lasting impact on both John Charming and his world.   One of these characters is a young teenaged vampire with a genius IQ, social media skills, and an anarchist’s handbook.  Another is Sig Norresdotter, a descendant of Valkyries and the leader of a band of monster hunters.   And then there’s lots of, you know, fighting and screaming and some kissing and stuff.


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